• shampoo bar

shampoo bar

A revolutionary way to wash your hair without ANY packaging -
  • safe for all hair types, kids, and animals
  • perfect for travel
  • gives a nice lather
  • smaller package, as many uses as typical liquid shampoo

Ingredients: saponified organic olive oil, organic coconut oil and organic castor oil, scented versions also include proprietary essential oils blends.

Directions: lather this mild moisturizing soap directly on hair, focusing near the roots, the lather will take care of the ends as it washes through, rinse thoroughly. For a deeper clean we recommend sprinkling arrowroot powder or cornstarch on roots to absorb more oil just prior to washing. Shaving soap: use a shaving brush or rub bar on skin to create dense lather, distribute lather evenly and shave as usual. Apply apple cider vinegar to restore hair’s natural pH and use conditioner bar as needed.

Note: Hair may go through an adjustment period due to gentle, non detergent cleansers that will not strip natural oils. If oil build-up occurs, Refyll recommends a clarifying wash treatment of 1 tablespoon of baking soda mixed with 1 cup of warm water, massage into scalp and rinse. Follow with apple cider vinegar rinse to return hair to natural pH.

Warning: External use only.  If any irritation or allergic reactions occur discontinue use and seek medical attention.


Shampoo Bars are available in various scents at:

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