• castile bar soap
  • castile bar soap

castile bar soap

Super-fatted - I know, not the most flattering term...but we didn’t make this up. This soap is not drying because we leave as much of the oil through the saponification process in the soap as possible, giving your skin the moisture it needs. It doesn’t feel greasy but not squeaky either. Once you try it you’ll never go back to “body wash” again! Oh, and purchase one of our stainless steel tins for easy travel.

Ingredients: saponified organic extra virgin olive oil, may also include proprietary essential oils blends.  

Directions: lather this mild moisturizing soap with hands and wash face, hands and body. Shaving soap: rub bar on skin to create dense lather, distribute lather evenly and shave as usual. Shampoo: massage bar into hair, lather and rinse.  Apply apple cider vinegar to restore hair’s natural pH. Use conditioner if needed.


Castile Bar Soap is available in various scents at:

Grandview Market in Los Angeles

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