Why Refyll?

We are concerned about our environment.


Our goal: to do our small part for the environment by dispensing eco-friendly home and body care products with the safest, most natural ingredients available that are created, acquired, distributed and sold with little – to – ultimately no packaging. We plan to grow to be your one stop shop for all you refyllable home and body product needs.

All of the environmentally friendly products available to us in Los Angeles are pre-packaged. We love using our fabric shopping bags at the farmer’s market, buying fresh, buying what we need for the moment. We use the bulk bins for snacks basics like flour and salt, again with reusable bags. Then it occurred to us, why can’t we get our home and body products the same way? Why are we buying the same spray bottle, laundry detergent box and lotion bottle over and over? Sure, these bottles can be recycled, but it takes resources and energy to do that; it takes resources and energy to make those packages from scratch. Our overwhelming desire for aesthetically pleasing homes has driven us to decant most of these products into our favorite dispensers and containers, thus rendering the original packaging completely unnecessary altogether. Real estate in Los Angeles is expensive, our homes are small. We want to buy products at bulk prices, but have nowhere to store the bulk quantities.

With no local resource to meet our needs, it occurred to us, that we could fill this need. Where do we start? A storefront is the ultimate goal, but these two young families have babies to burp and soccer practice backing up against ballet. We should be where the environmentally minded shoppers are: the farmers markets. Our farmers market stand saves shoppers that extra trip to the grocery and/or drug store to fulfill their basic home and body care needs. They can bring their favorite containers for us to refyll or purchase an upcycled, post consumer recycled or recyclable/reusable container from us them fyllled.

Now for the actual products. Initially we intended to resell established eco-friendly brands in a refyllable bulk method. As we researched, we found that many of these products didn’t meet our standards. Often there were ingredients that we felt were unhealthy, unnecessary or not environmentally sound. We often found many of these product prices too expensive. Then we found out that in order to sell our products at the farmers markets, we had to make them locally. So that is what we decided to do. We used our cooking and baking backgrounds, enthusiasm for experimentation and research and came up with our own line.

The result: we strive to use the safest possible, most simple, naturally-derived ingredients - no unnecessary ingredients. While our scents are optional, the majority are essential oil based and often add antimicrobial, antibacterial, and anti-fungal properties to our products. We use eco-certified preservatives only when necessary. All this, in the container of your choice.


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