laundry soap

Best Selling Home Product: Our Laundry Soap is all natural and biodegradable instead of detergent which is a man made synthetic product.  We’ve created this product as a powder that is safe for top loaders as well as H/E front loaders - because it requires one tablespoon per load and dissolves completely even in cold water (down to 76 degrees).  You will love it because it is safe for babies, sensitive skin, and the Earth.

Ingredients: sodium carbonate, sodium chloride, saponified olive oil.

Directions: Use 1 tablespoon per load. Safe for HE front load machines. Safe and gentle enough for baby clothes and cloth diapers. No fabric softener required. Tip: use white vinegar in rinse cycle. use bleach alternative as brightener/whitener.  Spray hydrogen peroxide on tough stains.

Packaged in compostable cello bag.