Hello Refyllers,

Thanks for checking out this post. 

We are committed to our goal of eliminating disposable packaging...at least in our little corner of the world! 

And YOU are key in helping us do it...we need your participation! To everyone who brings their own containers to the farmer's market to refyll your home and body products, we applaud you!

But not everyone remembers every time, and very often brand new customers really want to try things but need a container! That's where donated bottles and jars from YOU come in. 

Collecting glass donations has not been a problem so far...they have come in and almost overwhelmed us! But before they can be sterilized for use, they have to be label free...which can be quite a tedious process for us once we're looking at hundreds of jars. 

But if you could remove your labels before you bring them in for donation, we want to reward you. If you bring 10 clean jars or bottles, we'll give you 10% off. 20 jars gets you 20%, and on up to 50% off your order that day!

We appreciate all the donations brought to us, but to be honest, much of it goes into our recycling. Now to make sure you're not wasting your time, we have some specs on what we're looking for as far as donated glass.


  1. jars and bottles WITH LIDS. without lids, they are not much good to us. 
  2. any kind of mason or ball jar
  3. mayonnaise, pasta sauce, pickles, coconut oil, peanut butter, jellies, jams, syrups, olives, capers, etc!
  4. small jars!
  5. liquor bottles are good, but anything over 750ml (half-liter) is too big.
  6. soda bottles with lids, Orangina, lemonade, sparkling water
  7. clear or amber colored beer bottles, ginger beer bottles (we can cap these)
  8. gallon and half gallon apple juice jars
Once you start noticing jars, the really neat ones will pop out at you...and you will begin to notice there are SO MANY different types of labels and GLUE that holds these labels on...

There are some labels that will peel right off dry, or once they've been soaked in water. 

Some need to be soaked in hot, soapy water for as long as possible and take some work to remove. We recommend using a tool like a paint scraper or steel wool scrubber to help get the job done. Sometimes a little extra power is needed...we suggest our Surface Scrub, but sometimes it helps to use a citrus oil based remover such as Dissolve-it.

Today, a friend even recommended peanut butter! We would LOVE to hear any other suggestions or tricks that you know of to get rid of these sticky labels. Please email sales@refyll.com to let us know! 

Thanks again so much for your dedication to the mission and we'll see you soon!